Steel Sections

Referring to steel products rolled into a fixed-shape cross section, sections are mostly used for
engineering/construction structures. Sections are made by rolling after heating at minimum 1000
centigrade beam blank, bloom and billet of semi-finished products manufactured by going
through continuous casting with molten metal made by melting iron scrap into the electric arc
furnace. As for the sections thus made, continuous casting operation is categorized into H-section,
I-beam, angle, channel according to the shape of fragment. Because sections have outstanding
strength and shock absorbing ability, they are used as main structural materials of building
structures or stakes for foundation of housing construction, subways and bridges.


With cross-sectional shape of H, this is a typical section widely used for frame of large structures,
or engineering work. The product characteristically boasts excellent strength, as it registers
uniform inner quality compared to the welded H-sections made by welding hot rolled or thick
steel plates.
- Major Products
KS D 3502, JIS G 3192, ASTM A6, DIN 1025, BS 4, AS/NZS 3679.1 KS F 4603


With cross-sectional shape of L, this product is widely used as reinforcing material of steel
structures such as iron tower materials, hull reinforcement material, and truss
. - Major Products
KS D 3502, JIS G 3192, EN 10056-1


With cross-sectional shape of ㄷ, this product is used as industrial machine frame or brace/truss
of steel frame. Generally, it is diversely applied to the joints of
steel frame structures composed of H-section or I-beam.
- Major Products
KS D 3502, JIS G 3192, ASTM A6, DIN 1026-1

I Beam

With cross-sectional shape of I, the product is similar to H-section but characteristically has
narrow width and thick web. It is mostly used for travel rail, guide rail, etc. on a hoisting
mechanism where cargo moves.
- Major Products
KS D 3502, JIS G 3192, KS E 4002

Steel Sheet Pile

With cross-sectional shape of U, the product is used for piles for cofferdam, retaining wall, or
foundation material of structures. It has various types of connection such as key and straight line.
- Major Products
SY300, SY400

Railway Rail

With the cross sectional shape of I, the product has its bottom flange wider than top flange. Used
for rails where railway vehicles move, it characteristically has greater strength than other beams
and boasts excellent wear resistance. It is used for high-speed railway rails and magnetic levitation
train rails
- Major Products
50KGN, UIC60, KR60, 50NHH340, 50NHH370, 60KRH340, 60KRH370