JIS G 3312 CGCC, CGCH, CGCD,CGC(340/400/440/490/570)
JIS G 3318 CZACC, CZACH,CZACD, CZAC(340/400/440/490/570)
ASTM A 755, ASTM A 924
EN DX51D+Z, EN S220GD+Z, EN S280GD+Z, EN S350G
Suitable for white electronics, building materials, public utilities, whiteboards, refrigerator and vehicles,

Dimensions :

Thickness : 0.23 – 1.60mm
Width : 914 – 1250mm
Length : Coil or Sheet

Base Metal :

- Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
- 55% Aluminum Zinc Alloy Coated steel sheet
- Aluminum Sheet

Color Coating :

- R.M.P(Regular Modified Polyester) : for free fabricated house
- H.D.P(High Durability Polyester) : for corrosion resistance
- P.V.D.F(Poly Vinylidyne Fluoride) : guarantee for min 20 years
- H.P.P(High Polymer Polyester) : for workability and beauty
- P.S.S(Printed Steel Sheet) : for steel furniture, home appliances,

Standard Packing

Special care is given to prevent abrasion, rust and scratch during transportation and shipment,
the procedures are illustrated as follows.
Unit weight is usually 5mt for coils upon to the request.