Electrical Steel

Electrical plates are also called electronic plates or silicon plates. Compared to regular
steel plates, silicon plates contain more silicon, featuring good electric and magnetic
The non-grain oriented electrical steel has a different, non-uniform crystal orientation. Its
main applications include products containing rotating parts, such as motors and
generators. Grain oriented electrical steel has a uniform crystal orientation, featuring a
much higher magnetic performance. Its main applications include products that have a
stationary phase, such as transformers. Demand for electrical steel is increasing as the
need for clean energy sources is rising to save energy and prevent environmental

Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

This steel is made in such a way that its crystal is magnetized in parallel
with the rolling direction. This means that the steel has excellent magnetic properties in the
rolling direction and is used for large and mid to small transformers, distribution
transformers and reactors.


- POSCO : 23PHD090, 27PHD095, 30PG130
- JIS : 23R090, 27R095, 30G130
- ASTM : 23Q054, 27Q057, 30H083
- EN : M85-23Pb, M090-27Pb, M130-30S
- BAOSTEEL : B23R085, B27P100, B30P105

Non Oriented Electrical Steel

It has homogeneous magnetic properties relative to the rolling direction and all
other directions. It has an extensive range of applications ranging from large scale
power generators to small precision motors and the cores of small to large rotators.


- POSCO : 35PN210, 50PN250, 65PN310, 20PNF1500, 27PNX1350F, 35PNT650Y
- JIS : 35A210, 50A250, 65A310
- ASTM : 36F145, 47F165, 64F200
- EN : M210-35A, M250-50A, M310-65A
- BAOSTEEL : B50A330, B50A400